Official Website for Jennifer Ford, writer, author, and sometime poet


    Film Projects:

          Feature Sci-Fi Script - Earth Angel

                                 Amidst the chaos of a volcanic winter, a female warrior struggles to learn how she is connected to a lost artifact with mystical powers that could save her dying world..

          Feature Sci-Fi Script - Eclipse the Sun

                               With solar storms on countdown to Earth's destruction, it falls to a suicidal captain to convince a kidnapped deity that Earth is worth saving after a crash strands them deep in space.

          Feature Sci-Fi Script - book adaptation TBA

          Feature Drama Script - Road to Redemption

                              A corrupt detective with one month left to live tries to make all the wrongs right in a desperate bid for redemption, becoming the cop - and the person - he always wanted to be in the process.

        Feature Sci-Fi Script - The Reaper

                             When a scientist moves into a haunted property, he finds that he must confront the tragic past he has struggled to forget.