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The Horsemen Will Ride


A thousand years have passed since the brutal slaying of the Watchers - six immortal men who kept balance across the earth. In their absence, paradise became storm ridden, thrusting mankind into a constant battle for survival against the elements. Wizards arose to fill the void of power, but they have fallen from grace and are forbidden to practice. However, all the Watchers did not die that day, as the Teller must remind the people. For he is bound to the past, and offers reminders and prophetic warnings about the day to come when the Last Watcher returns to judge them for their past deeds.

Now a renegade wizard has joined forces with a banished prince. They have gathered a dark army and are sweeping through the free lands, sparing none. As the Council gathers, the Teller realizes the time for the One to return is at hand. They must set things right - lest they be judged for past and present failures. At the heart of it all is Jayce Mazar, a battle captain scarred emotionally from his own losses. It falls to Jayce and party to hunt down the wizard while the world prepares for war.

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